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Our Pediatric Dental Services

Baby teeth are cute but also vital for your children. They help children receive the nutrition they need and speak during the first few years of their life. Dr. Martha Muldowney of Main Square Dental evaluates and treats kid's dental issues at her Roscoe, IL, office.

What's kid's dentistry?

Contrary to what a lot of people may say, your child needs to see Dr. Muldowney after their first tooth erupts, which is usually sometime within the first year of their life. This starts acquainting your child with their dentist and normalizes visits to the dentist. Kid's dentistry procedure requires familiarizing them with their Roscoe dentist to reduce the chances of creating fear or phobia in the future.

At six months, children receive cleanings and at age 3, children begin receiving comprehensive oral exams, which checks for decay, gum and tooth disease, and the development of teeth and jaws.

How to Care for Your Children's Teeth

Kid's dentistry requires dedication from parents because it's more than just telling them to make sure they brush before bed. Dr. Muldowney and her staff teach parents how to properly brush and floss their children's teeth. You should supervise your children until they're about eight to make sure they are doing it properly because the first defense against disease is preventative care. Make sure you use a small brush with soft bristles and a small amount of fluoride toothpaste.

our Roscoe staff also addresses the best nutritional/dietary need of your child. Some tips include low-sugar diets and instead of sugar-containing juices, opt for healthier choice. Have them drink plenty of water to wash away food debris and tooth surfaces. This promotes saliva production, which keeps teeth and gums clean until your next meal and throughout the night.

Need to contact Dr. Martha Muldowney?

If you have more questions about how to properly care for your children, contact Main Square Dental in Roscoe, IL, by calling (815) 623-9292 today.

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